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INDO-SPARK is 43 years company, having expertise and operations in the following three verticals :

A) ICFS Anchor Fastening Systems -
• We offer a comprehensive range of solutions available in mechanical and chemical anchoring with ETA   international approvals
• Chemical anchors in Pure Epoxy, Vinylester and Polyester along with appropriate anchor bolts with Zinc   coating or SS 304, SS316. Also a range of accessories like guns, cleaning brushes, blow pumps and hammer   drills.
• We provide technical training to fix or a pull-out test to validate the tensile load on site.
• ETA approved range of chemicals and anchor bolts. Drop in anchors and also heavy duty nylon plugs with   screws as set, PU foam for crack sealing, giving a comprehensive choice from a single window.

B) Construction Services –
We started providing professional technical solutions in cutting & fixing of civil structures since last 29 years. We offer following services for any challenge in concrete, brick masonry, rock and even under water.
• Vibration free concrete cutting
• Vibration free metal cutting
• Concrete drilling work services
• Underwater concrete core demolition
• Rebar testing and scanning services

C) ICFS Anchor Designer -
• A mobile app to validate and design chemical and mechanical anchoring system - an application support   available for android & iOS.
  Android Link : CFS Anchor Designer - Apps on Google Play
  iOS Link : iOS ICFS App Download Link

• We have chemical and mechanical anchors usable for installing furniture at site. Based on the design load   parameters, we even suggest correct type of chemical, diameter of anchor bolts and consumption per hole.


icfs office
• Indo Spark Construction Services offers a wide area of demolition   services, from buildings to bridges & marine to nuclear plant. 

• Diamond wire sawing demolition service for heavily reinforced   concrete, solid stainless steel and rock. 

• Blade sawing demolition service for steel-reinforced concrete,
  pre-cast concrete, asphalt, stone walls and cobblestone street beds. 

• Core drilling demolition service for steel-reinforced concrete, pre-cast   concrete, asphalt, masonry, metal and rock. 

• Parapet/curb cutting demolition service for steel-reinforced concrete,   pre-cast concrete and asphalt. 

With a combination of special machinery, skills and experience Indo Spark Construction Services offer selective demolition of any kind or anywhere. Our services are unmatched in the demolition industry for general demolition and selective demolition work. We have a track record of providing precision selective demolition service. 

We understand the physical and environmental risk of any demolishing tasks, especially selective demolition. We understand the time constraint and the value of budget as well. Therefore, we conduct detailed research before initiating a task of any magnitude. This enables us to study the risk and threat factors and come up with the solution, beneficial to all. 

Ladies and Gentlemen,  

Every crisis throws up opportunities. Year 2020 has witnessed and will continue to witness significant shifts in the geo-political landscape across the world. Capital markets, businesses and micro economic situations are undergoing unprecedented changes across the world. I am sure the events unfolding across the world will consume a lot of our attention. But we also know how to grab these opportunities to cement strong partnerships and be ready for the next economic growth cycle. 

It must be known to all by now that Construction Fastening Systems (United Kingdom) has entered a strategic partnership with lndo-Spark Construction Services. And we are thrilled to be together in this journey. 

From the obscure, with automotive workshop employing just 2 in 1978 to what we are today-a well-known, successful, respectable, one of the leading business houses in India. It was indeed a long journey. A journey full of challenges, hardships, bottlenecks. But we came out intact and grew many folds- vertical and horizontal. The best assets of ours, I think are our reputation for honesty, fair dealing, timely delivery and quality. 

As I look back there are two main factors which made Indo Spark blossom. First is the wisdom and honesty of our chairperson Mr. Tilakchand Ingale along with his trust in the employees and second is the wholehearted, sincere, hard work put up by our employees – young and old including technicians and workmen. Many have left, many continue. But one thing that remains constant is that- 

We have never stopped growing. 


Our History

  •  1978 ….
    Beginning of small work shop for testing of Fuel injection equipment in automotive industry.
  •  1983 ….
    Recognized as Authorised workshop.
  •  1991 ….
    Beginning of New venture again another workshop of Fuel Injection equipments in Kolhapur.
  •  1994 ….
    Diversified activity with Power tools sales and service.
  •  1996
    Another authorized Fuel injection workshop at Islampur.
  •  2001 ….
    Beginning of small another diversified activity with construction services.
  •  2004 ….
    Another diversified activity of entering in to telecommunication line.
  •  2007 ….
    Investments made in Construction services business for Vibration free concrete cutting.
  •  2008 ….
    • Investments made to be able to repair euro complaints vehicles.
    • Strategically alliance with CFS UK.
  •  2013 ….
    New brand named –ICFS – Indo Construction Fastening Systems brought into existence.
  •  2014 ….
    ETA approval for ICFS brand Chemical products.
  •  2015 ….
    Limca book of records for highest number of Rebaring.
  •  2016 ….
    Another ETA approval for mechanical anchors.
  •  2019 ….
    • Achieved milestone in metal cutting by wire saw.
    • Member of EDA.
    • Stepping into the commercial capital of India Mumbai
  •  2020 ….
    • ETA approval for CM350VESF - tropical injection mortar.
    • Member of ID